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CTAHQ Online News - Fall 2013

Outgoing President's Message by Kate Betancourt

I hear your thoughts…where have you been???  Your CTAHQ Board is here.  It’s been a challenging year – no question.  The healthcare climate is impacting us all, professionally and sometimes even personally.  I won’t lie to you.  We have asked ourselves at times this year, “What is the future of CTAHQ?  Is the organization still relevant?”   Ultimately, we always reach the same conclusion.  Yes.  Yes, we must be.  We are the voices of safety, and quality, the voices of…our patients.  We MUST persevere, regardless of competing priorities and, sometimes, weary minds.  We have much work to do, but we cannot do it in a vacuum.  Upon reflection, I have realized that we have become teams of ONE; unsustainable.  As a Board, we had a choice; pack it in, or figure it out.  So here is what we did.  We invited a few of our seasoned CTAHQ members, along with a few of our newer quality professionals, to engage in a conversation.  How do we provide value to our constituents?  How do we excite and energize each other so that we can become the GO-TO resource for all things quality in the State of Connecticut.  From that discussion, we have launched a strategic planning process that will focus the next leadership team on a clear path to serve constituents in new and important ways.  You can see the details of that input by reviewing the 7/24/13 minutes posted on www.CTAHQ.org but in essence, here are the major efforts we will be undertaking this coming year:
  Forge ahead into the 21st century by leveraging technologies that make it EASY for members to participate and stay connected, things like on-line program registration and membership renewals, listserves and web-based educational activities,
Up the ante on educational programs with highly-respected speakers and timely topics,
Enhance a sense of camaraderie by sponsoring informal networking opportunities where colleagues can vent, share AND gain perspective, and
Leverage the impressive reach of current members to engage a broader-based constituency; who is NOT impacted by the razor-like focus on healthcare quality these days?  CTAHQ becomes a better organization by bringing diversity of thought, opinion and perspective to the table: nurses, physicians, pharmacists, therapists, HIM professionals, case managers, executives, and - dare we say it - patients.

 My friend and colleague, your new President, Pepper Sobieski, brings you more detail on these and other efforts we have outlined in her letter, also in this newsletter.  As we prepare for elections of a new Board, here is my parting request: HELP.  Get involved, respond to outreach.  Come to networking gatherings.  Attend educational programs.  Offer to join or simply support the work of one of our teams.  Better yet, say YES if asked to be a team leader.  Nominate yourself or a colleague for Board service.  Alone, we are weary.  Together, we are a force.  Please read more in this newsletter about the 2013 membership drive, Board nominations, the annual meeting and much, much more…

 Thank you for the opportunity to serve.  I am indebted to my Board colleagues for their willingness to serve as well.  I regret that we didn’t accomplish more, but our dedication to this profession and organization was never in doubt.  I know we have course-corrected.  The future of CTAHQ is now in our collective hands.


Incoming President's Message by Pepper Sobieski

 Dear Colleagues

Let’s Inspire in 2014!

Another year passed quickly for all of us. As we work in the healthcare arena, we all know it is dynamically changing. With this ongoing evolution of healthcare, Quality has been an ever increasing focus nationally and at the state level.    We want CTAHQ to be a strong presence and have a significant impact in the state and national landscape.  Our vision is to be the recognized leader and authority on issues related to the quality of healthcare delivered in the State of Connecticut. Our mission is to advance the theory and practice of quality in all phases of healthcare, by   
promoting the professional growth, development and   unity of healthcare professionals.

To continue the development and strength of the CTAHQ, I would outline the following:   

Development of our membership. Our present membership has unbelievable dedication and expertise in the quality arena.   How can we expand our CTAHQ membership? Two areas of focus can be engaging quality leads across the healthcare continuum and engagement of our next generation of quality leaders. Our goal as leaders is to ensure quality across the patients’ healthcare journey. To execute our vision of being leaders of quality for healthcare in CT, we need to have a greater breadth and depth of quality leaders across the health care continuum within our ranks; this will bring significant strength to our membership. In accordance with our mission of advancing theory and promoting professional growth, let us engage the next generation of healthcare quality leads. We want to ensure a strong legacy of quality in the state of Connecticut. With this, let’s inspire! We will be sending out a notice for membership drive. First renew your membership; then please engage at least 1-2 of your colleagues in becoming members of CTAHQ. Share with them the value of a CTAHQ membership. Share our mission and vision. Engage them in the great work the association has provided and will provide going forward.

Develop a strong educational program for 2014. The goal is always to professionally challenge ourselves as we continue our learning as quality leads. We need our membership to define areas of opportunity and of greatest interest for education in 2014. As we assess our areas of interest for an educational series, we will need to turn to internal and external expertise. As a body, we have wonderful expertise within our ranks to build upon for education, but will also explore external resources.

Connectivity: As Kate mentioned the team is greater than the single person. She has been a great role model for us all. As we know through CTAHQ we have a wonderful connection. Through this we can continue to shape our association, develop a stronger team and build upon the great work to date in defining quality for the state of Connecticut.

In the next couple weeks please watch for two key items

      1. There will be a membership drive – details to arrive shortly

2. Nominations for the Board. We have four open positions; treasurer, president-elect, two members-at-large. As you receive the nomination forms, I ask you to think about serving in one of these positions – nominate yourself. We also have great talent amongst our ranks – nominate a peer.

The goal is to inspire, to strengthen and connect as a team; with that, we strengthen our association. Please support your CTAHQ 2014! 


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